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About KPHX

1480/AM KPHX is a Phoenix Arizona talk radio station for people who think.

The station caters to progressive visionaries. Itís a place to assemble some of the best radio show hosts in the country. Our hosts speak freely and passionately on intriguing and urgent topics such as health, news, politics, womenís issues, philosophy and more. These are the issues that directly impact our lives now and future generations to come.

1480 KPHX is home for provocative voices such as Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, Dr. Mike Newcomb, Mike Malloy and Ed Schultz.

1480 KPHX is a radio station driven by passion and that includes our listeners whose feedback we value, after all this is radio for the proactive thinker. We thank you for listening!

Pro.gres.sive adj. 1. Moving forward. 2. Advocating or working for political or social reform 3. A proponent of reform as in health care, finance, politics, environment and quality of life.

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